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My name is samantha.png
My name is samantha.png

Welcome to Safe Haven Sanctuary!
Thank you so much for being here.

I am an Empowerment Coach who specializes in Self-Worth and Relationships. I teach people how to embody their self-worth, step into their power and thrive in healthy relationships with themselves and others. I do this by incorporating various approaches such as:

  • Somatic Healing work

  • Energy Healing 

  • Reiki 

  • Neurolinguistics 

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Rewiring neural pathways and recreating new, healthy and helpful beliefs

  • Healing meditation 

  • Journaling 

  • Yoga 

  • Ayurvedic practices

  • Guiding people to break unhealthy cycles 

  • Listening/guiding with non-judgement and compassion 

  • Offering resources 

  • Sacred spiritual practices and rituals

​& so much more !

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Healing Stones
About me.png

I have helped to guide and transform the lives of many women for over the last 10 years working in the Social Services field. I specialized working with survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence. Due to my well versed experience in the Social Work field, I love infusing my Coaching Therapy with both clinical and spiritual knowledge. It is my passion to guide individuals to connect their mind, body and soul throughout the healing process. Taking a multi-dimensional approach to healing is my route as there are so many intertwined layers to trauma. And every individuals journey is so unique!

Trust me when I say that I know this journey is challenging. I too am a survivor of abuse and sexual violence. Because I know what it is like and have worked through so much of my own trauma, I have so many helpful tools to teach you so that you too can learn how to heal yourself. I have worked with some of the most amazing professionals and healers, continue to pursue my self-development/healing and grow my relationship with myself. Through my own experiences, I have been and continue to be an exceptional leader! I am here to teach you how to be just as exceptional in leading and healing in your own journey.

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Why do I do the work that I do.png

I have been brought to this Earth to teach people how to feel better about themselves so that they can experience life in the most beautiful way. I genuinely in my heart want to guide people to heal from their traumas so that they can see how completely worth it is on the other side.

I do this work because I myself know what it feels like to be in the most darkest place feeling so lost in hope and despair. I want to show people that we do not have to stay there. That life can be beautiful if we open our hearts up to feeling and healing.

I have all the tools, resources, pure intentions and so much more to share. If I was able to change my life around, so can you, I promise.

Given that this work is my passion and purpose, rest assured that you will be in the most loving hands.

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my vision.png

My vision is for more people in the world to recognize and embody their self-worth despite their past experiences. I see future generations living happy, healthy, abundant and prosperous!

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My mission is to help individuals overcome life challenges, embody their self-worth, confidence and thrive in healthy relationships with both themselves and others. By doing so, they will be creating and defining a life of their own that is in alignment with their own unique values and their unique soul print.

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Free 15-Minute Discovery Call

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1-Hour Session
$155 CAD

Cream and Peach Feather and Brushstroke Quote Instagram Post Template.png

5 sessions (1 hour each)
$750 CAD

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10 Sessions (1 hour each)
$1,444 CAD

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15 Sessions (1 hour each)
$1,999 CAD


Reiki Cover.png

Reiki Healing (1 hour)
$88.88 CAD

Yoga Cover.png

1:1 Yoga Session (1 hour)
$88.88 CAD


Dance Release & Embodiment Healing (1 hour)
$88.88 CAD


Journaling Through

Meditation (1 hour)
$88.88 CAD

For group inquiries for any of the Energetic Healing Services, please e-mail

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What you will gain from working with me.png
  • A deeper sense of your true and authentic self 

  • Understand and undo any limited beliefs you may have about yourself, relationship and the world. This also involves the process of recreating and rewiring your internal world!

  • Cultivate more positive inner dialogue and self-talk 

  • You will dismantle your core insecurities and step into your fierce power with the utmost confidence 

  • You will be able to put yourself first through learning unique skill sets that you will apply to your every day life

  • Become an expert at boundary setting 

  • You will honour YOURSELF and YOUR needs in ways that feel liberating and empowering FOR YOU


  • You will EMBRACE ALL that you ARE, appreciate ALL that you WERE, and ALIGN with ALL that YOU ARE BECOMING 

  • Ignite and leap through the healing process with all the LIFE HACKS you will learn from me and from your HIGHER SELF along this beautiful journey


  • You will be living in TRUE ALIGNMENT with your SOUL


You already have all these gifts within you, you are already the version of yourself that you are striving to be…you are already everything you are meant to be in your soul.


Let me walk by your side back home

to your Soul.

Book a FREE Consult
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My Story.png

Throughout my life, I have experienced varying forms of abuse, co-dependency, manipulation and other forms of maltreatment. Coming into my early adulthood, as I started to form my own relationship with myself and with others, I noticed that I did not feel safe to be myself. I did not feel safe in my body. I never felt safe to use my voice. I always felt judged, because I was so different from everyone else. I would sacrifice what I knew in my heart to be true, just to be loved and accepted by others. I did this for a very long time. It was a survival coping mechanism I knew very well, and it worked! Until it didn’t…

That voice within me that kept trying to speak up, that kept encouraging me to be myself and use my own unique voice started to get louder and angrier. The amount of self-betrayal I put myself through started to show up in my body. I was constantly sick both physically and mentally. All of my relationships around me were a HOT MESS! Including the relationship with myself!

Thankfully, I had an amazing therapist who has been a part of my life for almost 10 years and amazing Life Coaches/ Healers who truly helped me to embody everything I am. The person I thank the most though, is me. I got myself through this life long journey of suffering. I showed up and I did the work. I still continue to do the work as we speak because I thrive on personal growth and living each day with more empowerment!

And to be honest, there are still things that happen to me up until today that shake my world. But now, I am in a healthier headspace to navigate through it all. I have extensive experience working with my own trauma and the ones of others as well, which has gifted me with knowledge and wisdom. I got to re-write my story. I chose me!

Guess what? So can you. You pain and suffering is so real and I see you. But this pain does not have to be the end of your story, You DO NOT have to live in this suffering. If you truly want to change your life, YOU CAN and YOU WILL.

Sometimes we just need the right guidance, support and love that we have never experienced before. We get so used to being belittled, and brainwashed into thinking that our negative thoughts about ourselves are actually true! When in reality, all of our souls are beautiful and evolving if you permit it to do so. Will you give yourself permission to be loved by yourself on a deeper level? Will you give yourself permission to face the darkness so that you may enter your own world of light? Will you give yourself permission to change your whole perspective of who you truly are in your heart? Will you allow yourself to create the life you have dreamed of? One that is loving, kind, safe, peaceful, FUN, ABUNDANT and so much more! I want this for you because I believe every human on this Earth deserves all of this.

I want to be your guide, your support and the love you need to get through this journey.

Let’s re-write your journey together!



Samantha is honestly an angel sent to help heal this planet.  Her energy is so warm, comforting, safe, and loving.  Every time I work with her I can feel her loving energy from across the world.  She always strives for transparency, and with that, she creates such beautiful rapport with anyone she communicates with.  Her wide knowledge and wisdom of many different energy healing modalities allow your time with her to be completely unique and tailored to your needs.  She is an exceptional healer and truly holds that safe space for you as you explore yourself, your wounds, and ultimately, the journey to transforming your life.  I highly recommend Samantha and her amazing work.

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