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Download Doom 2 RPG for PC and Experience a Turn-Based Twist on the Classic Shooter

Doom II RPG: A Turn-Based Adventure in Hell

If you are a fan of the Doom series, you probably know it for its fast-paced, action-packed, and gore-filled gameplay. But did you know that there is a spin-off game that turns Doom into a turn-based role-playing game? That game is Doom II RPG, and it is now available to play on PC thanks to a fan-made port. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Doom II RPG, how to play it on PC, and why you should give it a try.

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What is Doom II RPG?

Doom II RPG is a sequel to Doom RPG, a mobile game that was released in 2005 by id Software. It was developed by Fountainhead Entertainment, a partner studio of id Software, and released in 2010 for iOS devices. It is a spin-off game that takes place in the same universe as the main Doom series, but with a different gameplay style and tone.

A sequel to Doom RPG

Doom II RPG is set one year after the events of Doom RPG, which followed a space marine who fought against the forces of Hell on Mars. In Doom II RPG, you can choose from three different characters: a male marine, a female marine, or a scientist. You are part of a team that is sent to investigate a demon-infested research facility on the Earth's moon. Along the way, you will encounter familiar enemies from the Doom series, such as imps, cacodemons, cyberdemons, and more. You will also face new foes, such as the sawcubus, a chainsaw-wielding demon. You will also meet allies and NPCs who will help you or hinder you in your quest.

A turn-based RPG with first-person perspective

Doom II RPG is not your typical first-person shooter. Instead of running and gunning through levels, you move through them square by square on an invisible grid. When you encounter an enemy, you enter a turn-based combat mode, where you can choose to attack with a weapon, use an item, or perform another action. Each action consumes a turn, after which the enemy will also take a turn. You can also switch between different weapons and items during combat, such as pistols, shotguns, rocket launchers, health packs, armor shards, and more. Some weapons and items have special effects or abilities that can give you an edge in battle.

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A story-driven game with humor and horror

Doom II RPG is not just about killing demons. It also has a story that unfolds through dialogue, cutscenes, emails, logs, and other documents. The story is full of twists and turns, as well as humor and horror. You will discover the secrets behind the demonic invasion, the role of the mysterious AI program named Iris, and the fate of your team members. You will also encounter some references and Easter eggs to other games in the Doom series and other id Software titles. The game also has some voice acting and sound effects that add to the atmosphere and immersion.

How to play Doom II RPG on PC?

Doom II RPG was originally released for iOS devices in 2010. However, it is no longer available on the App Store or compatible with recent versions of iOS. The only way to play it on an Apple device is to have macOS 11.0 installed and an Apple processor such as the M1 chip. Fortunately, there is another way to play Doom II RPG on PC thanks to a fan-made port by

The original platforms and availability

Doom II RPG was first released for Java platforms and BlackBerry devices in 2009 before the iOS version. These versions are also no longer available or supported on modern devices. The only way to play them is to use an emulator or a Java-compatible phone. However, these versions have some differences and limitations compared to the iOS version, such as lower graphics quality, fewer levels, and less content.

The fan-made port by is a group of fans who have been working on porting the Doom RPG games to PC since 2019. They have successfully ported Doom RPG in 2020 and Doom II RPG in 2023. Their ports are based on the iOS versions of the games, which are considered the definitive versions. They have also added some improvements and features to the ports, such as higher resolution, widescreen support, mouse and keyboard controls, gamepad support, and more. Their ports are free to download and play, but they require the original game files to run. You can find the download links and instructions on their website or on DoomWorld.

The requirements and features of the port

To play Doom II RPG on PC, you will need a Windows PC with at least 1 GB of RAM, 200 MB of free disk space, and DirectX 9.0c or higher. You will also need the original game files from the iOS version of Doom II RPG, which you can obtain from an iOS device with macOS 11.0 or an Apple processor, or from other sources (at your own risk). You will need to copy the game files to the same folder as the port executable file. You can then launch the game and enjoy it on your PC.

The port has several features that enhance the gameplay experience, such as:

  • A touchscreen mode that simulates the original touch controls of the iOS version.

  • A mouse and keyboard mode that allows you to move and interact with the game using your mouse and keyboard.

  • A gamepad mode that supports various gamepads, such as Xbox controllers, PlayStation controllers, and more.

  • A configuration menu that lets you adjust various settings, such as resolution, sound volume, language, and more.

  • A cheat menu that lets you access some cheats and secrets, such as god mode, level select, weapon select, and more.

Why should you play Doom II RPG?

Doom II RPG may not be the most popular or well-known game in the Doom series, but it is definitely worth playing for several reasons, such as:

A unique spin on the classic Doom franchise

Doom II RPG is not a typical Doom game. It is a turn-based RPG that mixes elements of strategy, exploration, puzzle-solving, and humor. It is a game that challenges you to think and plan your moves carefully, rather than rely on reflexes and instincts. It is a game that offers you different choices and outcomes depending on your actions and interactions. It is a game that surprises you with its creativity and variety.

A challenging and rewarding gameplay system

Doom II RPG is not an easy game. It is a game that tests your skills and knowledge of the Doom universe. You will face many enemies that have different strengths and weaknesses. You will need to use different weapons and items that have different effects and abilities. You will need to manage your health, armor, ammo, inventory, and stats. You will need to solve puzzles and secrets that require logic and observation. You will need to complete missions and objectives that have different rewards and consequences. You will need to survive in a hostile environment that has traps, hazards, and secrets.

A nostalgic and immersive experience

Doom II RPG is not a modern game. It is a game that was made for mobile devices in 2010. It has graphics that are pixelated and low-resolution. It has sound effects that are compressed and distorted. It has voice acting that is cheesy and over-the-top. It has gameplay mechanics that are simple and outdated. But it is also a game that has charm and personality. It is a game that pays homage to the original Doom games and other id Software titles. It is a game that has references and Easter eggs that will make you smile and laugh. It is a game that has atmosphere and immersion that will make you feel like you are in Hell.


Doom II RPG is a hidden gem in the Doom series. It is a game that deserves more attention and appreciation from fans of Doom and RPGs alike. It is a game that offers a unique gameplay experience that is fun, challenging, and rewarding. It is a game that you can now play on PC thanks to a fan-made port by

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy Doom , or if you are curious about a different take on the classic franchise, you should definitely check out Doom II RPG. You will not regret it.


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