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[PDF] Secrets Of The Seers: Book 1 Veil Of Shakti

[PDF] Secrets Of The Seers: Book 1 Veil Of Shakti

Secrets Of The Seers: Book 1 Veil Of Shakti is a fantasy novel by Tina Sadhwani, published by Notion Press in 2016. The book is inspired by the ancient Vedic culture of India and explores the themes of magic, spirituality, mythology, and adventure. The book is the first in a planned trilogy that follows the journey of a young monk who discovers that he has been chosen to receive superhuman powers and must go beyond a mysterious veil that separates the human world from a hidden realm of gods and demons.

Plot Summary

The book begins with a prologue that sets the stage for the story. It describes how the ancient seers of India, who possessed divine wisdom and power, created a veil of shakti (energy) to protect the human world from the evil forces of asura (demon). The veil also concealed a secret kingdom called Aryavarta, where the seers lived in harmony with nature and the gods. However, over time, the veil became corrupted by the dark influence of maya (illusion) and started to weaken. The seers foresaw that a great calamity would befall the world when the veil would be completely destroyed. They also prophesied that a chosen initiate would arise to restore the balance and lift the veil of shakti.

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The main story follows the life of Rishi, a young monk who lives in a monastery in the Himalayas. He is an orphan who was adopted by his father-figure Guruji, who taught him the basics of yoga, meditation, and herbalism. Rishi is curious and adventurous, but also humble and kind. He dreams of becoming a great yogi like his idol, Maharishi Patanjali, who wrote the Yoga Sutras. One day, he is surprised to learn that he has been selected as the chosen initiate by a mysterious voice that speaks to him in his mind. He is told that he has been granted superhuman powers and that he must enroll in the Aryavarts School of Yog, a hidden academy where he will learn how to master his abilities and prepare for his destiny.

Rishi is accompanied by two other apprentice monks, Arjun and Keshav, who become his best friends and allies. Arjun is a brave and loyal warrior who excels in martial arts and archery. Keshav is a smart and witty scholar who has a knack for solving puzzles and riddles. Together, they embark on an epic adventure that takes them across the seven worlds of existence, where they encounter kings, sages, demons, giants, warriors, and gods. They also face many dangers and challenges along the way, such as evil sorcerers, deadly traps, fierce beasts, and sinister plots. They discover that there is more to the veil of shakti than meets the eye, and that they are not the only ones who seek to unravel its secrets.

Book Review

Secrets Of The Seers: Book 1 Veil Of Shakti is an engaging and entertaining read that will appeal to fans of fantasy, mythology, and adventure. The book is well-written and well-researched, drawing from various sources of Indian culture and history. The author creates a rich and vivid world that blends realism and imagination, with detailed descriptions of places, people, creatures, and events. The book also incorporates elements of science fiction, such as advanced technology, genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence.

The book has a fast-paced and action-packed plot that keeps the reader hooked from start to finish. The book is divided into five parts, each named after one of the five books of the Mahabharata epic. Each part contains several chapters that are named after various aspects of Vedic philosophy and cosmology. The book also has a glossary at the end that explains some of the terms and concepts used in the story.

The book has a diverse and dynamic cast of characters that are well-developed and relatable. The main characters are likable and realistic, with distinct personalities, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and motivations. They also have interesting backgrounds and histories that add depth to their characters. The book also features many secondary characters that are memorable and influential to the story. Some of them are based on historical or mythological figures, such as Ashoka, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Parvati, Ganesha, Hanuman, Rama, Sita, Ravana, Kali, Durga, Indra, Agni, Varuna, Vayu, and many more.

The book has a positive and inspiring message that encourages the reader to explore their own potential and purpose. The book also promotes the values of friendship, courage, wisdom, compassion, and faith. The book also raises some philosophical and ethical questions that challenge the reader to think critically and creatively. For example, the book explores the concepts of karma, dharma, maya, shakti, purusha, prakriti, sattva, rajas, tamas, guna, chakra, nadis, kundalini, prana, manas, buddhi, ahamkara, atman, brahman, and many more.

Overall, Secrets Of The Seers: Book 1 Veil Of Shakti is a captivating and enlightening novel that offers a unique and refreshing perspective on Indian culture and spirituality. The book is suitable for readers of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy fantasy, mythology, and adventure. The book is available in both paperback and ebook formats from various online platforms . The book is also available as a PDF file that can be downloaded for free from the author's website. The book is the first in a planned trilogy that promises to deliver more thrilling and fascinating stories in the future.


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