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Little Krishna Kannada Full Movie Download - How to Enjoy the Best Animated Stories of Krishna

Little Krishna Kannada Full Movie Download: How and Where to Watch Online

If you are a fan of animated movies and Kannada language, you might be interested in watching Little Krishna, a popular Indian 3D animated series based on the legend of Hindu deity Krishna. In this article, we will show you how to download Little Krishna Kannada full movie for free, as well as where to watch it online. Read on to find out more.

little krishna kannada full movie download


What is Little Krishna?

Little Krishna is an Indian 3D animated epic television series created by Reliance Entertainment in 2009. It was originally aired on Nickelodeon and later aired on Discovery Kids and Sun TV. The series is based on the legend of Hindu deity Krishna. It has 13 standalone episodes involving Krishna between the ages of five and nine.

The series was conceptualised and produced by Reliance BIG Entertainment with a budget of 50 crore (equivalent to 107 crore or US$13 million in 2020) and co-produced by The Indian Heritage Foundation which is powered by ISKCON. The series is scripted by Jeffery Scott.

Big Animation made Little Krishna in two formats 13 standalone episodes of approximately 22 minutes each and three feature films of 66 minutes each. The 13-part series was broadcast on Nick in India.

Why watch Little Krishna in Kannada?