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Himitsu No Ai Chan Vol 6 Raw

Himitsu No Ai Chan Vol 6 Raw - A Review of the Final Volume of the Popular Manga Series

Himitsu No Ai Chan is a shoujo manga series by Kaori that ran from 2009 to 2014 in Cheese! magazine. It tells the story of Aiko Kasumi, a tomboyish basketball player who has a rivalry with Leo Amano, the most popular boy in school. Aiko works as a maid at her brother's cafe, where Leo falls in love with her disguised appearance. Aiko decides to date him as a way of getting revenge, but soon finds herself developing genuine feelings for him. The manga follows their romantic comedy as they deal with their secrets, misunderstandings, and rivals.

The final volume of Himitsu No Ai Chan, volume 6, was released in Spring 2023. It contains the last chapters of the main story, as well as a spin-off story called Himitsu No Hiroko Chan, which focuses on Hiroko Morikawa, Aiko's best friend and Leo's cousin. The spin-off story ended in December 2022, and a special extra chapter was published in Premium Cheese! issue 12/2022.


In this article, we will review the final volume of Himitsu No Ai Chan and give our thoughts on how the manga concluded. We will also discuss the spin-off story and how it added to the overall plot. We will try to avoid major spoilers, but be warned that some minor spoilers may be inevitable.

The Main Story: Himitsu No Ai Chan

The main story of Himitsu No Ai Chan reached its climax in volume 5, where Aiko and Leo confessed their true identities and feelings to each other. They also faced their biggest obstacle yet: Leo's arranged marriage with a girl from a wealthy family. Aiko decided to support Leo's decision, even if it meant losing him forever. However, Leo was determined to break free from his family's pressure and choose his own happiness with Aiko.

Volume 6 wraps up the main story with a satisfying conclusion that resolves all the conflicts and loose ends. Aiko and Leo have to overcome the final challenge of convincing Leo's parents to accept their relationship. They also have to deal with the aftermath of their secrets being exposed to their friends and classmates. The volume also shows how their relationship progresses after they become an official couple. The final chapter is a sweet epilogue that takes place several years later, where Aiko and Leo are still happily together and have achieved their dreams.

We think that the main story of Himitsu No Ai Chan was well-written and enjoyable throughout. The characters were likable and relatable, and their interactions were funny and cute. The plot was engaging and had a good balance of comedy, drama, and romance. The art style was also appealing and expressive. The final volume was a satisfying conclusion that gave us closure and happiness for Aiko and Leo.

The Spin-Off Story: Himitsu No Hiroko Chan

The spin-off story of Himitsu No Ai Chan is called Himitsu No Hiroko Chan, which focuses on Hiroko Morikawa, Aiko's best friend and Leo's cousin. Hiroko is a cheerful and outgoing girl who has a crush on Takumi Morikawa, her childhood friend and Leo's older brother. Takumi is a handsome and smart detective who works for the police. Hiroko decides to help Takumi with his cases by using her skills as a hacker. However, she also has to hide her identity from