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Welcome to Safe Haven Sanctuary 

A Safe Space to Heal, Re-discover Yourself, Evolve and Just Be.

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Looking for guidance?

Practitioner/Life Coach, Samantha Gilhooly

Practitioner/Life Coach, Samantha Gilhooly has guided in healing and transforming lives of those who have undergone severe trauma. From low self-esteem to survivors of sexual violence and domestic violence.  Samantha infuses her background of 10+ years in Social Services, her own lived experience with Spirituality, Awareness/Consciousness, Mind/Body Healing, Reiki, Yoga and Meditation. Samantha continues to broaden her knowledge of holistic healing. She is currently working towards earning her certificate as an Ayurvedic Health Advisor.

Samantha is dedicated to her own self-development/empowerment so that she can serve herself and others in the most beneficial way possible. She specializes in relationships with self and with others, as well as for trauma of any form.She tailors her services to each individuals needs, while also taking a trauma-informed and intersectional approach. Her vision is for all beings to take their power back to create a fulfilling life they have envisioned for themselves. Check out the Testimonials section to see how Samantha is making a global impact!

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Let's focus on building and growing while accepting ourselves as a whole through our healing journey. We are whole, even through our transitions. We are worthy in this moment, the previous moment and the moments yet to come.

- Samantha Gilhooly

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Samantha is honestly an angel sent to help heal this planet.  Her energy is so warm, comforting, safe, and loving.  Every time I work with her I can feel her loving energy from across the world.  She always strives for transparency, and with that, she creates such beautiful rapport with anyone she communicates with.  Her wide knowledge and wisdom of many different energy healing modalities allow your time with her to be completely unique and tailored to your needs.  She is an exceptional healer and truly holds that safe space for you as you explore yourself, your wounds, and ultimately, the journey to transforming your life.  I highly recommend Samantha and her amazing work.

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