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The Art of Discovering Your True Self

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Things such as painting, drawing, and other "arsty" like type of things are usually categorized as Art. However, if we look at ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in our life, we can make it Art. So, why not make yourself your biggest masterpiece?

For some, it may seem scary to challenge and mould ourselves into excelled versions of ourselves. For others, it may just take "too much work". The rest, well...they may just not know where to start. The intention can be there, but doing the actual work and where to begin can be overwhelming and confusing.

I encourage you to think of your life as a canvas. Visualize your life as a form of abstract art. Take risks so that new experiences can emerge. With these new experiences, will bring about new discovered layers of yourself. New perspectives of your own life and the world surrounding you. You do not have to fit into the "norm" of what society tells you that you should be. YOU GET TO DECIDE WHO YOU WANT TO BE, NOT WHO YOU SHOULD BE OR THINK YOU SHOULD BE. SO, Who do you want to be?

When you know who you want to be, start showing up as that person. Literally ask yourself, "how would a person who is ___________ show up?" and do that! We learn so much more about ourselves and who we are when we challenge our beliefs. Most of our core beliefs (about ourselves, others and the world) are conditioned from the ages 0-7. We barely know about the realities of the world at that age. Challenge what you believe to know. And if those core beliefs still resonate with you, that is great. If not, start to peel back those layers. Pay attention to how your physical body responds in high stress situations or even when someone says something. If you notice certain things do not sit well with you, turn inwards and look for the root cause of it. This is how you will discover your true self.


Tips for Discovering Your True Self:

  1. Take risks.

  2. Do things you would not normally do to explore if you have other interests other than the ones you have been conditioned to believe you like.

  3. Notice how your physical body responds in various situations--pay attention to this and decide what you want to do with this new information-- challenge it or continue to stay within what you know and believe.

  4. Self-Compassion- if you try something new or experience something out of your regular norm, speak kindly to yourself on your true feelings about it. It is also okay if we try something new and discover we DON'T actually like it.

  5. Write about it. Write about who you want to be. Who you want to show up as. THEN act as if you were already this person. (You already are, everything you want and that is meant for you is already within you).

  6. Embrace the journey of discovering yourself. Discovery can be messy, confusing, painful etc. But embrace all the feelings and experiences. Both the high vibrational experiences and the lower ones. Each of these hold lessons and value.

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Sending you so much love, warmth and healing,


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