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Healing Chilldhood Trauma From the Inside Out

A 3 Week Group Immersion

Where Your Inner Child Meets Your Adult Self 

Starts April 2nd, 2024

Your childhood self needs you as an adult! Much of our pains and wounds initially started from our childhood, where we form our beliefs about ourselves and the world based on the interactions we had from our primary caregivers (parents, siblings, teachers, babysitters, aunts, uncles etc.). 

What was your childhood like? Did you experience a lot of emotional pain? Were you embraced for all that you are or were you shamed for your authentic self? Were your emotional needs met, because those are just as important as basic need. There is so much to uncover and heal from our childhood that is holding us back from our fullest expressions as adults. 

You could have fulfilling, honest, faithful, honest communicative relationships if you devoted time to connecting to your childhood self who still lives within the adult you. 

We want to make space for all parts of us, so that we can learn how to access each version of ourselves when it is needed. 

I want to invite you to join my 3 Week Immersive Group experience where you will be held and seen, guided on how to connect to your childhood self and adult self so that you can thrive in your inner healing and the relationships outside of you too! 

Take a look at the weekly agenda!  



Week 1: Uncovering Timelines & Triggers


  • The Unpacking Phase

  • We explore the emotions, experiences and the imprint parts of your childhood experiences have had on your identity and self-worth

  • Identifying childhood triggers

  • Guided Live breath work to address triggers 


Week 2: Meeting Your Childhood Self & Translating Childhood Needs to Adult Needs


  • Live guided visualization/meditation connecting to Childhood Self--tending to their negelected needs & giving them an opportunity to have their voice be heard by a safe adult.


  • Getting crystal clear on these neglected childhood needs & how they have translated into your present adult life. 


Week 3: How to Implement & Integrate Childhood Needs Into Adult Life


  • Exploring “the how” on how to take information from Week 2 and incorporate practices, tools, strategies, rituals etc.

  • Closing Ceremony

  • Q & A



This is for you if:


  • Your inner critic is loud and judgmental

  • You fear being abandoned or you are the one who abandons others

  • Have a hard time expressing emotions such as sadness, anger, embarrassment, shame

  • Feel as though you will never be enough to be loved by another

  • Avoid conflict

  • Put your needs before others when you really do not want to

  • Self-sabotaging behaviours

  • Low self-esteem & self-worth issues

  • Find yourself in unhealthy relationship patterns 

This is for you if you are ready to:


  • Experience true inner peace

  • Learn how to meet your own emotional needs

  • Ask how to have your emotional needs met in a healthy way from others (especially in your romantic relationships)

  • Transform your inner critic to your inner compassionate self

  • Set healthy inner boundaries and learn how to set boundaries in your family, romantic relationships, and friendships

  • Honour your raw emotions so you can live feeling lighter and open

  • Commit to working on your self-worth so that you can cultivate healthy relationships & break generational cycles 

What Else Is Included?


  • Inner Child Audio Meditation (lifetime access)

  • Inner Child Workbook/Journal

  • Self-Worth Healing Activation (lifetime access)


BONUS: WhatsApp 1:1 Access to Me (Mon-Wed) throughout the 3 weeks

to send any voicenotes or texts for any emotional processing that needs to happen outside of the weekly sessions. 

Total Cost for the FULL

3 Week Immersion:





Week 1: April 2nd, 2024

Week 2: April 9th, 2024

Week 3: April 16th, 2024


7pm est to 8:15pm est 


I've met my childhood self, here we are, and she is beautiful. We do life together now. She holds so much wisdom, all the answers and has helped me to love and understand myself deeper.  She taught me how to break the cycle of self-abandonment and embody self-respect and intuition. She has showed me exactly what my adult self needs to thrive in this world. I truly honour her.


I promise you that meeting your childhood self will change your life too. So let's do this together as we guide you to your next level of deep healing!

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