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The Grief Temple
...a safe space to process the heaviness of your grief & loss...

This is for you...

If you have lost a loved one to the other side, experienced an abortion or miscarriage or are supporting a loved one who is experiencing grief of a lost one, The Grief Temple is a safe sacred space for you.


This is a bi-weekly drop in group. You are not expected to share until you are ready. There is power in just having your presence there and listening to the correlations between yours and others grief as well. But if you feel called to share, the space is your for you to pour your heart out and be received.

Maybe you've heard this...

“Time will heal all” is something people usually say to you after your loss--which leaves you feeling even more upset because you know time will never heal or replace the existence of your loved one.

“Everything happens for a reason”, also something else you might have heard after your loss-- which again probably leaves you feeling angry because in these circumstances, this isn’t something that you want to hear nor does it feel appropriate or applicable to the circumstances. 

The truth is...

Grief is felt very differently by each individual based on their experiences, their relationship to the person they have lost, their coping mechanisms, their current support systems, their ability to process regular day to day emotions etc. 

Grief is a scary thing to process, because it means that we have to come to actual terms that the person we love is gone. Terms like them not being present and life milestones, the struggle to feeling happy without their existence, and even the guilt attached to grief. That alone itself can feel excruciatingly painful.


It might feel easier to mask the grief, avoid it, deny it...and that can be okay for a period of time...until it begins to impact the relationship with youself and those around you, your perspective of the world, your faith etc. 

Because grief can feel so isolating, as many people do not understand what you’re going through due to the fact that they haven’t gone through it and do not take the time to educate themselves on how to support a survivor of grief-- it may be beneficial to have support of others who have gone through similar experiences.

I would like to invite you to my bi-weekly drop in group, "The Grief Temple" 

A non-judgemental place you get to call home, where you are held in arms of love. Sometimes we just need to be held in our grief. We just need to speak about how it is showing up for us, no quick fixes, no advice-- just a sacred space to honour your feelings

This loving offering includes:

  • 60 - 70 minutes of sharing your past and current experiences or feelings

  • Grief rituals and ceremonies

  • A private Facebook community to stay connected with individuals who have gone through losing a loved one

  • Loving ways to nurture yourself throughout your grief process

  • Clinical and spiritual guidance from myself regarding healing and expanding “around your grief” instead of trying to “get over it” 

The Grief Temple is for you if:

  • you have lost a loved one to the other side, experienced an abortion or miscarriage or are supporting a loved one who is experiencing grief (The timeline does not matter-- this is for you if lost someone recently, month, years, weeks or days ago)

  • feeling lost and helpless in your grief

  • your self-esteem has been impacted by your grief

  • your relationships have been impacted by your grief

  • you feel like you cannot separate your identity from your grief

  • you feel like you need a place to just lay your heavy head/heart and just be witnessed in your anger, sadness, confusion, questioning or whatever else is surfacing in your unique grief journey


  • Each group is a loving payment of $55

  • Starting May 14th at 7:30pm EST-8:30pm EST (continues bi-weekly)

  • Bring a journal and anything that will comfort you such as a tea, essential oils, a soft blanket or heating pad

  • Show up as you are, there are no rules other than to respect the feelings, experiences and process of other’s journey

  • This group is for all genders

Your grief deserves a sacred space to be expressed and felt. It would be an honour to have you in The Grief Temple.

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