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A Vulnerable Share--"I want to be an inspiration through transparency..."

Recently my mental health has not been very well due to a recent experience. It brought me back to a place of feeling unsafe within my body and surroundings. It felt like the life had been sucked out of me both energetically and physically. I spent days self-blaming and criticizing myself for having put myself in this position. I weeped, then got angry, then weeped some more. I even started to feel like I was such a fraud for promoting self-love when, I, in this moment was not practicing it. It was so hard to when it felt like this was all my fault. I took some time, I really felt all my emotions…the anger, the sadness, the feeling of violation and sat with it. How could I learn from this experience. It was brought into my reality for a reason. For me to finally break an unhealthy cycle. For me to realize that, I am worthy of a healthy life filled with healthy people. I do in fact love myself as I never stay in situations that do not align with me. I am worthy of being respected. I do not need to compare myself to anything or anyone.

Through this experience, although the pain was heart wrenching, it served purpose. It taught me so much. I am grateful for the love and the pain that came from this, because it has helped me to shift. Prior to this, I had viewed this as a regression, but it surely was not. It was brought to me to evolve and level up as spiritual being. I am still working on being compassionate, patient and kind with myself as I begin to rediscover parts of me that are buried beneath the sadness, fear and insecurities I carry. Although I am a healer, I am also human with my own lived experiences. It is important that I am transparent with myself and with the people I serve because often healers and therapists can be idolized.

. My platform is a safe space for which I post what I am being called to relay to the world. How can you find lessons in all your experiences? How can you learn from all these moments that seem to be destroying? For me, I am taking all of my experiences as a cry out for some more change. I have now enrolled in a new course that is going to amplify my purpose of serving here on this beautiful Earth. I am trusting the Universe with my heart, desires and manifestations (which are already coming to fruition btw). I am learning to embody more of my masculine energy to balance out my very feminine self! The first step is being self-aware, after that comes the consistency and dedication to your healing and wellness. We all have choices, and I am not saying it is easy. Sometimes doing the right thing for ourselves is the hardest thing. But, it is all worth it.

I hope this piece of vulnerability resonates with you and reminds you that you are living a human experience. That it is okay to make mistakes. I hope that this is a reminder that you will always be a student in this school of life, and this…this is a gift. Take advantage of it. Learn all the lessons you can. Gain all the knowledge you feel drawn to and apply it to your soul. Rediscover yourself over and over again because you are only getting more profoundly beautiful as time passes.

I am sending you so much love!

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