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Can You Allow Your Fear to Free You?

I often ask my clients, how can you step into your fear and transmute it into something beneficial for you? (I want to add that your physical safety comes first, this is not an encouragement to put yourself in dangerous situations)

I always hear a pause with a response of "Well, I don't know, I am too scared."

What would be the worst that could happen, you fail? Your ego is bruised? Your self- confidence lowers? But truly, ask yourself, if I do not step into something because of I being true to myself? Am I honouring that pull inside me that so badly wants to overcome this. Living in fear, will only attract more fear, more self-resentment and more inner baggage. In all honestly, these fears will start to manifest from not pursuing to overcome them. You will have a bruised ego anyway as you will be thinking self-shaming thoughts for not trying. Your confidence will either stay stagnant or lower due to not trusting in your abilities etc. So why not step into your power, step into your fear with trust in yourself. Don't worry about the outcome, focus on the intention of your actions throughout the process.

So I ask you, how can you allow your fear to free you? How can your potential failures actually turn out to be your stepping stools to success. How can you build your character using the tool of fear. Because, that is exactly what fear is. It is a tool. A tool for us to use to help ourselves evolve into higher beings. A healthy amount of fear is okay as it urges us to conquer and achieve.

Fear can be a psychological prison or it can set you free. You can do the damn thing and be so proud of yourself through the process and after the process or you can sit in the fear wondering "what if...?" You get to choose your reality.

Let's all strive to take the "what if...?" expression out of our vocabulary and start taking action. Let your fear guide you to freedom. Let your fear crack open your heart and mind and let everything that needs to flow out... flow out & welcome in what needs to flow in with an open heart.

Are you feeling stuck in your fear? Book a FREE consult call with me to start your journey to self-freedom!

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